(born October 4 , 1992), , Is a Moroccan musician , rapper, singer, and songwriter ,  Syfaw writes tracks for other artists, and despite this, Few of his tracks have made it out to the public , he is also one of the the creative icons in photography acting and fashion model , Started his career as a model with Some models agencies as a Fashion model and photographer in Dubai ..

Early life

Syfaw was born and raised in Casablanca .. He Started his Digital painting at 14 years old , he is the one who discover his formidable skills of panting and making creative scene after that he joined Studio M to improve his skills in photography and Graphic designing . He took intensify courses with ” X-factor models agency ” for acting and modeling , in the age of 20 he become knowing as a super model in Morocco ,  and now he is trying to making his way to become  international musician and actor.